Why choose Dickson Holland?

Over the years we have built up enormous knowledge about self-adhesive tapes and related products (adhesives and sealants). Because we have a total package of tapes, we are known in many markets where tapes are used, which means that we have experienced a lot of different situations, projects and applications, and we are still learning every day.

We work intensively with many well-known tape producers of who we are distributor / partner and where we have the possibility to offer these products, also in different widths or lengths or specially manufactured die-cutt parts due to our own conversion possibilities. Furthermore we are always working on innovations, improving products or developing completely new products with the aim of being able to solve specific problems or questions from the market. This allows us to offer the perfect solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Dickson Holland is also known for its knowledge, speed with projects, specialist in a private label and our very comprehensive total assortment. We do many projects together with our partners and regarding this our partners will come at first place. We provide our partners with the necessary support, advice or training.

We have chosen not to act in the front ourselves but to help our customers and partners in their markets through a choice of assortment, advice, technical support, training, correct pricing and desired method of packaging. After this they can often pick up the follow-up themselves with marketing and sales. In many cases we support our customers in (technical) discussions with their customers or we engage in new developments or technologies.

Given the size of our total assortment we have deliberately chosen not to mention / show our products on the website. If you are looking for a specific product, it is best to call or email us so that we can immediately advise / help you with the right advice or product.

Feel free to contact us regarding all tape related questions or projects and we also have possibilities for high-quality adhesives and sealants.

The team of Dickson Holland is at your disposal.